Bunbury, located about 180km south of Perth, is a hub for business, industry, culture and shopping, all situated on a pristine coastline. It is one of the fastest growing regional cities in Australia, and has been dubbed the second capital city of Western Australia. Bunbury’s population is estimated at almost 32,000 (ABS Statistics 2011) and this continues to grow steadily at an annual rate of 2%.

The Greater Bunbury region includes the City of Bunbury and Shires of Harvey, Dardanup and Capel and has a population of about 80,000 residents while the South West region, to which Bunbury acts as a hub, has a total population of 130,000.

It is an exciting time for Bunbury and the region.  The potential for growth and development is at an all-time high.  The City of Bunbury’s intent is to continue to nurture the city’s growth by enhancing the quality of life for our community by constantly improving opportunities in health, education, essential services, public transport, housing, recreational facilities and culture and heritage issues.