Enablers Make The Drivers Possible

Enablers are the social, technological and economic preconditions vital for success of the Growth Drivers. They are at the heart of the region’s community and business interactions, and they work across all of the Growth Drivers and Priority Initiatives:

  • Leadership and governance that empowers informed local decision-making in industry, government and the community, and encourages entrepreneurship.
  • Being digitally aware to assist in overcoming the tyranny of distance and enhancing global business connectivity.
  • Being regionally engaged through cooperation with neighbours and becoming a responsible global citizen.
  • Capital and resources, including financial capital, land and water resources.
  • Infrastructure, including freight links, communications, power and water.
  • Social capital, which includes networks together with shared norms, values and understandings that facilitate co-operation.

The Growth Plan Partnership Steering Committee is tasked with responsibility for supporting the continued development of the Enablers underpinning the achievement of the Priority Initiatives.