Growth Plan Strategy

The Bunbury Geographe Regional Growth Plan is informed by the strategic positioning provided in the South West Regional Blueprint and the evolving needs of industry and business. It is this combination of top down and bottom up analysis that provides an innovative approach to economic planning. Strategic research has identified new or enhanced opportunities that have the capacity to contribute to the traded economy, adding wealth and prosperity to the region.

The opportunities (Priority Goals) are:

  • Agriculture and Agribusiness
  • Brand and Lifestyle
  • Emerging and Transforming Industries
  • Health and Education
  • Transport and Logistics

This Growth Plan adopts a coherent strategic framework for translating the Priority Goals identified for Bunbury Geographe into a Program of Actions. The strategic framework is based on ‘Growth Drivers’, ‘Enablers’, and ‘Priority Initiatives’ that will deliver key economic outcomes for the region. The priority and other initiatives inform a comprehensive program of actions and a performance framework that are presented in detail in the Growth Plan Part Two: Program of Actions.