The Growth Plan Partnership Staff

Robyn Fenech


Robyn Fenech is the Technical Officer for the Bunbury Geographe Growth Plan. Robyn has a background in tourism and regional economic development consulting (18 years) and prior to this was General Manager of tourism and business organisations in WA and Tasmania.  Consultancy projects have been undertaken in every region of WA, ranging from landuse planning to strategy development. Robyn brings a broad range of skills to the implementation phase of the Bunbury Geographe Growth Plan.

Katherine Schulze

Kathy Schulze is the Administrative Officer for the Bunbury Geographe Growth Plan Partnership.  She brings over 20 years’ experience of senior level administrative and coordinating knowledge, gained in organisations ranging from the Banking and Finance Sector, Software Development,  Private Education Sector and State Government.  During this time, Kathy has had considerable responsibility for adherence and implementation of legislative and policy requirements,  fulfilling obligations for compliance of operations up to a Commonwealth Government level and oversight and application for scholarship, sponsorship and funding programs.